Technical Working Groups

TWG Business Models

The Technical Working Group on Business Models (TBM) aims to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange on innovative business models in inclusive insurance and encourage regulators to initiate enabling policies that support the participation of more private sector players in the market. As TBM undertakes research on innovative business models and partnerships, including insurtech, the group cooperates with regulators and private sector players in documenting business models in the form of factsheets. These factsheets are published at and are used in peer-to-peer exchanges and Public-Private Dialogues.

TWG Capacity Building

The Technical Working Group on Capacity Building (TCB) takes charge of the development and conduct of training activities for MEFIN Network members, including the private sector, following international standards. It develops training modules on topics relevant to the needs of Network members and partners such as Self-Assessment, Regulatory Impact Assessment and use of tools such as the Disaster Risk Management Manual. This TWG also encourages the participation of insurance industry associations in Public-Private Dialogue events in support of the capacity-building goals within the Network.

TWG Disaster Risk Insurance

The Technical Working Group on Disaster Risk Insurance (TDRI) aims to undertake peer-to-peer exchange on DRI regulatory and policy developments among MEFIN countries, assess their impacts on its DRI market, and recommend new business models. In particular, this TWG helps MEFIN member countries assess their respective DRI regulation and policy directions and their synchronous linkages with National Disaster Risk Management plans. It also promotes the exchange of views and lessons learned on existing regulations and policies in consultation with the insurance industry. TDRI encourages its members from the private sector to recommend and submit project concepts on the topic of disaster risk insurance for possible cooperation and funding.

TWG Regulation and Supervision

The Technical Working Group on Regulation and Supervision (TRS) helps member countries implement regulatory instruments in their respective jurisdictions. These instruments include those that concern consumer protection issues, regulatory reviews, regulatory impact assessment, strategies for sectoral development or selected sub-topics such as financial literacy and regulatory framework, and experiences of the regulatory institutions with performance indicators. The TRS ensures that gender aspects are taken into account in the development of selected instruments. It is also the task of the TRS to engage insurance industry associations in the various TWGs.

TWG Knowledge Management

The Technical Working Group on Knowledge Management (TKM) facilitates the documentation, publication, and sharing of experiences of MEFIN members, especially on business models, that promote inclusive insurance and climate and disaster risk insurance for the poor and informal sectors like MSMEs. Some of the initial tasks of the TKM include the establishment of MEFIN website, the development of a guide for review of knowledge products prior to publication and dissemination, and the design of a standard and official format for said products. It is also the responsibility of this TWG to ensure the sustainability of Knowledge Management within the Network.

More information on the work of the working groups can be found here.