Tuesdays with MEFIN

23rd Episode of Tuesdays with MEFIN - Data Privacy In Insurance: Shaping Data Protection in the Digital Age on August 18, 2020 3:00 to 4pm

The quote, "Data is the new fuel.", highlights how personal data is given more importance than any other resources in this digital era but it also results to the following harm to customers :

  • Compromised safety and security. The risk that a consumer is exposed or feels exposed to danger, which can result in physical or emotional hurt, injury or loss.
  • Exclusion and lack of value. The risk that consumers do not have access to financial products and services that meet their needs and are useful and affordable.
  • Reputational risk. The risk that an individual’s character or good name is or is perceived to be impugned.
  • Financial loss. The risk that a consumer sustains economic harm or damage.
  • Loss of privacy. The risk that a consumer’s right to determine who has access to and use of personal information, physical spaces or bodies is compromised or violated.
  • Manipulation. The risk that a consumer’s behaviour and decision-making are influenced to their detriment and hence that their autonomy is intentionally hindered.

In line with these risks, the GIZ aims to conduct a webinar that will share insights of the best practices in terms of data privacy and protection.