Governance & Structure


MEFIN is led by a Regional Steering Committee (RSC) which is composed of regulators from the member-countries. Each country has one Principal and one Alternate member in the RSC.

The RSC creates and supervises Technical Working Groups (TWGs) which currently encompass the topics of Regulation and Supervision (TRS), Business Models (TBM), Capacity Building (TCB), Knowledge Management (TKM) and Disaster Risk Insurance (TDRI). Each TWG is led by a member of the RSC. The Regulatory Framework Promotion of Pro-poor Insurance Markets in Asia (RFPI Asia) Program of GIZ serves as the Secretariat of the Network.

Regional Steering Committee (RSC)

The RSC provides strategic direction to the Network. It develops policies in line with the goal of MEFIN as a platform for an effective and efficient exchange of knowledge and experiences for the promotion of inclusive insurance markets in the region. Meeting twice a year, the RSC approves the Work Plans of the Technical Working Groups and supervises their implementation. It also prepares the Network to sustain itself even after the GIZ RFPI Asia program.


The MEFIN Regional Steering Committee is supported by a Secretariat. Composed of Technical Specialists of GIZ RFPI Asia Program, the Secretariat provides content, technical and administrative backing to the RSC especially in the implementation and monitoring of the Work Plan of the Committee and of the Technical Working Groups.

GIZ RFPI Asia (Phase 1: 2013-2015; Phase 2: 2016-2018, Phase 3: 2019-2022) is a program funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It aims for the promotion of inclusive insurance markets through the development and implementation of regulatory framework and supervision practices and innovative business models.